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The Skin Inn

Blue Wildebeest Hide

Blue Wildebeest Hide

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We source the finest ethically sourced natural blue wildebeest hides from South Africa. These unique hides, with their distinguished tuft and long tail, translate into an exotic natural floor covering with textural impact and interest.


A wildebeest hide measure in size approximately 170cm x 150cm, excluding the 80cm long tail. However being 100% natural, each hide is one-of-a-kind with its own unique markings, shape, size and in some cases stitching on the hide back. These form its true character, reflecting its sustainable beauty and authenticity as a ethically sourced animal by product.

Their versatility, durability, hypoallergenic qualities and easy to care for nature makes them highly desirable for interior styling.

Like all our hides, we take pride in ensuring this wildebeest hide is not only ethically sourced, but it follows strict environmentally friendly processing in its transformation that are free from harmful chemicals and dyes.

Please note that as this is a natural product slight variations in size and tone throughout the hair on hide may occur to that of the pictured product. Any minor repairs may be visible on the reverse backing of the hide. This is not considered a fault, nor a reflection of poor quality, but rather the characteristics of a carefully transformed genuine hide.

To clean the hide we recommend shaking the hide to remove dust or dirt from the surface, and if necessary infrequent gentle vacuuming with a smooth head surface. Attend to any soiled areas immediately simply with a damp wet water cloth and dry in the shade to avoid drying out the skin.

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