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The Peeping Sheep / Lanolin Lip Balm

The Peeping Sheep / Lanolin Lip Balm

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Dry and chaffed lips is such a problem especially for us women (and men) on the land facing the harsh environmental conditions. Many dermatologists swear by lanolin to help with healing your lips. With this hand-crafted lanolin lip balm, it will keep your lips soft and hydrated all year around. Lips lack their own oil glands so putting lanolin on them helps to soften them and hold the moisture in. Packaged in a tube so you can apply with no mess and no oily fingers! It is pocket-sized, perfect to put in your pocket, handbag or purse.

Handmade in Alexandra, Victoria 



- Lanolin

- Natural Butters

- Coconut Oil

- Beeswax

- Essential Oil - Lemon




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